Can't Hide In Camo


Hiding in plain sight 

Standing out in camouflage, the irony

I've always embraced prints, bold colors, sequins, basically anything extra. The confidence needed to pull off bold trends, like these camo pants comes from me embracing who I am. I do not dwell on what people would say or think, I'm myself when I'm "doing the most" and doing things my way. Too many times I've watched people get caught up in what someone has to say about them, chipping away at their confidence.

Why do we allow insecure people to dictate our own confidence? I could have easily dismissed wearing camouflage pants on my extra large behind, then I would have missed out on the oh so good feelings I felt walking down the sidewalk this day. 

What bold trends are you in love with, which are too bold? Let me know with a comment!

In Her Own Style,