Unhealthy Distractions

Most of the day I am in my head, working through plans, ideas, doubts and everything else people have asked me to do. My to do list is a mile and a half and somewhere along the line I become overwhelmed and check out. This is when I find every distraction that is ultimately crippling. Unhealthy Distractions! Things I turn to, my guilty pleasures, serve no purpose or inspiration. They slow me down and throw off my routine. Here are some healthy distractions I practice, you can try it when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Get Organized

If you haven’t already, make a to do list and get a planner, revisit and update them often, prioritize and start checking things off. These are things you want and need to do so it will be easy to get back on track. The times I feel too much is going on, I get some things done but other things get left behind and they are normally the simplest tasks. I look at my list and realize that I don’t have much left and if I had kept on working, I would’ve finished. Add a to do list audit to your night time routine, check off completes items and add new ones, when you wake up they will be on your mind and you’ll be ready to get them done.


No matter what we are doing we should always carve out some time to read. I must admit, at times I begin a book and don’t stop and that’s where I go wrong. Just as we do anything else, schedule time to read in your day. Read during the moments it’s possible to multitask like commuting or waiting to get your hair or nails done. Audio books will also get the job done. Escaping for short periods of time in a book, article, blog or magazine is a helpful distraction because at the same time you’re taking in information and creativity.


Journaling is extremely therapeutic, it may not be for everyone, but there are times I write and things I didn’t realize were bothering me come up. It can help get your thoughts together and you can find the right words you may need to express to someone. Writing is venting which is healthy as you decompress. It encourages you to ask yourself questions your friends may not ask if you were to vent to them, in turn you can answer them and plan accordingly.

Unplug, Go Out

If most of your distractions are attached to social media, the internet or tv, turn them off. I know most of our work depends on the use of these things especially if you’re building an online presence. I’m not saying to go cold turkey but to limit and schedule your use of these medias if they are in fact a distraction, when I begin to binge watch youtube videos this is when I know I need to turn it off. I do look for inspiration online but sometime going out and seeing things and people in action could be a better source of inspiration.

Date Yourself

So the whole point of dating is to get to know someone and we can do this with ourselves. Treat yourself once in a while and get to know what you want. Try new things you can learn new ideas and new things you may like. Spending time alone has been some of the most rewarding moments I’ve experienced. I didn’t have to worry about what other people wanted. It’s a time to relax, reflect, have fun and do things on your time. We change and grow everyday and it is important to stay in touch with who you are and remain confident.

These are the healthy distraction I try to implement in my life. While I am enjoying these times and slowing down to regroup, it’s with a purpose. Getting lost in unhealthy distractions leads us away from goals and we can end up just going with the motion.

Let me know about some of your distractions, healthy or not and if you would try any of these.